Works from the Heart

Works from the Heart - Plano Style identifies students from Plano East Senior High School which create unique student work projects.  The products are sold to individuals within the community.  Funds are then reinvested back into the program to purchase equipment and materials for future work projects.  Our 18+ program, under this name-sake, assists participants with employability skills.  Generally, these students have not been successful with paid-employment.  Students are recognized for their ability to contribute skills useful to manufacturing, artistic expression and technical design.  The series of work projects utilize the student's abilities - not disabilities.  Our teachers recognize that each student must learn to work independently and within a team of employees.  Through entrepreneurial projects, our hope is that the individuals of Plano East Senior High School develop successful employability skills.  We focus upon immediate results and long-term growth.  During the school-year, we want the students to recognize their value and potential.  Individuals will complete a series of different work projects as part of a team.  Every student has some measure of talent to  contribute to the group's overall value and effort.  Upon completion, our parents and students will have the tools to create their own business.


Parent / student partnerships may focus upon one specific manufactured product or a series of like-items. Education is a results-based business.