Work Project Design 

The design and selection of each student work project is based upon several principles of success.  The specific items created by Works from the Heart - Plano Style are selected based upon the student's preference, complexity, product cost, public demand, functionality, product availability and educational value.

  • Student Preference - We believe that the products  manufactured must capture the interest of the students. The students must have fun building the crafts. Everyone takes pride regarding items created based upon his or her interests.
  • Complexity - Each product's assembly is analyzed based upon the difficulty-level required for completion. The assembly is divided into steps. For students with disabilities, some steps are certainly more difficulty than others.
  • Product Cost - Keeping the initial cost of the raw material down is essential to see the completed product at a reasonable price.
  • Public Demand - Understand that the completed products must have a degree of public demand. The finished item should entice the sale.
  • Functionality - Your finished item should have some type of function. The work project can simply be artistic in nature.
  • Availability of Raw Materials - When completing a production run, having a strong supply of specific types of raw material can keep costs down and enable the manufacture of repeated like-products. It is easier to make fifty of one item rather than one table or stepping stone at a time.
  • Educational Value - We apply educational principles when completing each step within the assembly process. Everything is a part of the overall learning process. Math, basic reading, design and science can be used throughout each product creation.

Many of the product ideas derive from conversation with friends, trips to public venues (retail stores and craft businesses) and Pinterest.