Wireless and Telecommunications
Job Applications 

Job applications associated with wireless devices and telecommunications involve new market technologies and the sale of communication devices.  As a marketing and technology specialist, you have an opportunity to be in the forefront of new changes in communications and the latest advances in electronic devices.  Applicants can work directly in customer sales, product research, marketing, networking and any number of related careers.  Entry-level jobs can be associated with retail store sales.  Perspective employees should demonstrate an interest in wireless technologies and other developments in telecommunications.  During the interview, relate your use of cell phones, tablets, iPads and other wireless devices.  Individuals should demonstrate the ability share positive customer service skills, such as product demonstration.  Sharing how to use and manage specific wireless technologies with a potential customer is an important part of marketing.  Employees can share with customers common cell phone / wireless applications.  Such demonstrations can mark an important use of every day technologies.

College graduates can continue career growth with the listed  telecommunications companies.  Working at a store location in sales or completing a college internship can open doors during the employment process.  Seek opportunities to work directly for these companies during the school semesters.  This experience can present interesting employment challenges and lead to nice financial rewards.   

View the sample of company list below for possible career opportunities: