Volunteering and Interests

An important component to an individual's growth is the opportunity to pursue volunteering and interests. Each person can benefit from volunteer activities. Young students can use this to enhance a resume and broaden life perspectives.

Within a resume, detailing your volunteerism, interests and hobbies can reflect a well-rounded individual. In your interview, these activities can spur safe and informal topics of discussion. Even the interviewer may feel more comfortable when able to introduce a casual conversation of mutual interest, such as volunteering with Special Olympics or contributions within a community garden. Use this opportunity to open a friendly discussion and share your personality.

The Volunteering and Interests Worksheets identify a sample of organizations, volunteerism activities, hobbies and interests associated with career pathway from the results of the cross-walk career survey.

Common Practice - Each student can be interviewed in regards to this worksheet. Use a highlighter to identify matching areas which match the student's interest or support the individual's direction. This worksheet can be used in the transition portfolio on a yearly basis.

The information listed within the sheets are only sample ideas. Help your student add to this list and supplement with other choices for selection.