Visiting Employment Sites

School-to-Work instructors are encouraged to visit job sites each grading period. Within my professional experiences, businesses are frequented at least two to three times within a grading period. The number of site occurances within this period depends greatly upon several factors. First, the organization of the individual is a nice indicator. Students which return required pay stubs and employer materials are not as concerning as other employed students. Further comfort from this type of individual is given during classroom discussions and conversations with the direct supervisor. Students not consistent to return pay stubs and work hour sheets give the instructor an uneasy feeling regarding the student's solid work performance and ability to remain employed. The work sites of these students will be frequented more often. Though it is highly encouraged for individuals to communicate workplace difficulties, sharing with the teacher stress-related concerns may be difficult. A teacher can discover underlying issues of concern and prevent a possible termination of the student if personally connecting with and visiting more often with the student's manager.

Secondly, students in several categories have a decreased ability to find and maintain successful employment. Individuals within this grouping include:

  • Students with disabilities,
  • At-risk backgrounds and
  • Those with poor personal habits.

For various reasons, some students require additional support from the instructor. Often, successful employment is the most important cornerstone to an individual's self-esteem. Strengthening this area often leads to motivational improvement in other areas, such as school academics, family life and behavior. Visiting the job sites of these students adds to their potential to keep and maintain employment. Often, the teacher and employer can work together to correct any minor problems, modify the work environment or negotiate work hours.

Lastly, a detection in obvious work-related behavior in any student will increase the frequency of visits by the career education teacher. An additional visit or two during a given period may be done for corrective reasons or positive affirmation. Students enjoy praise. Speaking to the employer and student at work for business purposes builds relationships. Frequent site visits may include but not limited to the following:

Reasons of Concern

  • Not following the employer's work schedue
  • Rummor that the student was terminated or quit
  • Decrease in work hours
  • Student uses "what if" situational conversations´╗┐´╗┐
  • Repeated complaints about the employer

Reasons for Support / Affirmation

  • Employer sponsored event
  • Student request to visit the job site
  • Assist manager with site accommodations
  • Discuss with the manager employee betterment
  • Student request to view improvement