Student Employment Responsibilities

Fulfilling student employment responsibilities completes the foundation for a successful experience at the job site. Each bullet has a background of support and reasoning. This individual is the most important person within the process - direct ownership increases the quality of experience.

  • Age 16 with a valid form of employment identification.
  • Students will pass academic classes with satisfactory progress - employer / teacher may recommend a decrease in work hours until grades are improved.
  • Follow school policies and procedures - Keep in mind that students represent the school. Positive behavior reflects well upon your family, the school and community. School disciplinary consequences will take precedence.
  • Students will have reliable transportation - car, parents, dependable friends, city transit.
  • Students participating in the school-to-work program will remain continuously employed throughout the school-year. Individuals terminated or without approved employment will actively seek new job opportunities.
  • In the event of job termination, the student will immediately advise the instructor of this change of placement. Termination from a job or quitting present employment without discussing with the instructor will have academic consequences.
  • Students will produce and return to the teacher a copy of weekly paycheck stubs to verify employment and hours works.
  • Be on time to class and follow school attendance policy. A student not in attendance during regular school hours may not attend work that day - unless specifically approved by the instructor.
  • Follow employer's work schedule - This will be grounds for termination. Allow your manager time to schedule your time off - two weeks is ideal. Never just decide to not attend work.
  • When not in class or on campus for legitimate reasons, students should remain off campus.
  • Follow company employment policy, use the companies' chain-of-command to resolve issues. This includes dress code, conduct, hygiene, attitude and specific company guidelines.
  • Exemplify qualities of a good employee - this includes demonstrating a teachable spirit, not using electronic devices for personal reasons and seeking self-improvement.
  • Seek positive performance growth in order to assist with future references.
  • Communicate with school instructor workplace changes which include termination of employment, issues of work compliance and non-attendance.
  • Maintain a record of employment documentation at school and hours worked - as stipulated by school instructor.

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