Thank you for visiting our storefront in support of student work projects - locally made by students of Plano East Senior High School.   The group would like to recognize and thank the Plano Antique Mall for providing shelf space and the opportunity to market products to the public at large. The store is located at the northeast corner of Avenue K and East Spring Creek Parkway in Plano.  Entering the mall from the west entrance, the store is located just inside the mall - first store on the right.

Having the opportunity to share our student's talents has become an exciting experience.  The student work projects vary from month-to-month.  Yes - the parents purchase their student's creations.  The validation comes when others from the community frequent the storefront and purchase the student's individual products.  We believe that each product should be made with pride and quality.  Each piece is manufactured by a student attending Plano East Senior High School.

The students from Plano East Senior High School use shelf space in the front of the storefront near the register.  Products are tagged with the name of the student which made the item.  Currently, the shelf contains stepping stones, holiday cards and painted rocks.

The students treat this opportunity as if managing their own business. Symbolically, the storefront is a model of what the students and their parents can replicate after high school graduation.