Shoe Store
Job Applications 

Complete job applications related to your favorite shoe store and make a fashion statement.  The shoes you wear accent every type of clothing imaginable.  This job could be for you.  Employees should be outgoing and design-oriented.  As an associate, you should have a definite opinion - when asked.  Your ideas are important regarding each type of shoe style - childrens, teens, ladies, and mens.

Positions include: cashier, stock associate, assistant manager and manager.  Some stores have specific positions related to a business niche.  If you enjoy fashion and marketing, you should consider a specific shoe store for your employment choice.

The manager of a shoe store will inquire about your ability to make recommendations when asked by a customer.  In this interview question, give a list of sample choices which you could give specific types of customers.  How would your answer differ based upon gender, age or preferences?  How would your selection support a daily wear activity - work-related, sporting schedule or casual wear.

Printable and on-line applications are listed below.  Look for one of the following establishments near your location: