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As opportunity presents, share this site with others.  The mission of this program is to provide resources to individuals in the field of employment planning and job hunting strategies.  While assisting my current students, the same information is of equal benefit to others.  I have shifted away from traditional textbooks with an emphasis upon electronic media.  High school textbooks are expensive, easily out-dated and often boring to secondary students.  The material within this site includes elements / concepts from the lesson plans which I implement each week.  I hope you will share this site with others.  The curriculum within the site represents resources and tools which my students use on a daily basis.  Rather than assign a cumbersome textbook, students and others can simple access my current collection of employment and career related resources.  After years of experience in career education, vocational development and employment planning, I have collected an assortment of ideas to help individuals succeed in the arena of employment.

  • As a teacher, feel free to use the materials in your classroom and school,
  • As a parent, use the materials to guide your student when looking for employment,
  • As an adult re-entering the job market, review the materials to increase your chances in an ever-changing economy. The employment concepts are universal.

During certain periods of the year, my site is updated more frequently.  During the summer and weekends, more time is available to site development.  If you have idea for topic inclusion, I'd love to hear from you.

Experience and Team-Building

I find the concept of helping others in this area inviting. Many of the ideas are timeless. The career education materials have applications for homeshool curriculum and Special Education vocational education. Innovation requires that instructors and parents alike collaborate and share curriculum ideas.

The materials from this web-site are free and printable for the public - educational purposes only / not for commercial use. Using this site does not require a subscription nor e-mail registration. Please do not copy the web contents with the purpose of creating your own website. If sharing any pdf files - please keep the reference at the bottom.

I use the materials for individual students and adults. Create your own Career Education High School course or Special Education Work Experience course from this site.

Would like a quick and easy way to share this site and information in your classroom? Print the bookmark or index card. The printable info cards can be cut and distributed to students and parents. Information on the site is free to visitors. This option allows you to easily share the link with others.