Resume Samples

Resume samples are very helpful when trying to develop a cohesive idea for formatting.  Everyone can use a fresh idea or two when creating this document.  Individuals often sit for hours with little written.  It can be depressing as this document is slowly assembled.  Clear your brain and jot down some simple notes specifically about - education, work history, skills and interests / hobbies.  Do not feel ashamed if reverting to a series of examples from a website or employment textbook.  Often, a fresh perspective is needed to begin the writing process. Review the choices below and note similar style elements. Many of the same components can be used interchangeably - regardless of the career desired or individual's situation. Unfortunately, many books have examples based upon more experienced individuals.  Entry-level college and high school students are often disappointed to find few appropriate resume samples available for comparison.  Templates can be a good start for any beginner. Mircosoft Word and other programs offer simple templates as a starting point. However, once created, break away from the boxed effect which may possibly make your document seem generic. Use a simple high school resume template with variety and distinct differences apart from standard templates.  View the pdf files below to create your own from a college / high school perspective.  Print several of the examples and compare each side-by-side. Regardless of your final product, use this document when applying for any job.  This is especially true for younger applicants.  Many high school and college students disregard this practice and this will play to your advantage. View the following resume samples to get an idea.

Work Experience Students / Individuals

This type of resume is ideal for individuals with little or no work history. A strength of this type of resume is the ability to customize with the individual's personality and a direct focus upon abilities and attributes.

Components of the samples below will have an emphasis upon a variety of the following functional or personal qualities: individual goals, volunteer / service work, work skills, and interests.
Imagine as well, the variety of individuals which this type of functional resume can benefit:

Individuals with Special Needs - great opportunity to focus upon their experiences and qualities,

At-Risk Students - opportunity to describe the individual's growth and personal responsibilities,

Those with No Work History - great opportunity to high-light your strengths and educational or employment skills,

Career Changers - bring out your abilities - not your lack of employment in your new career.

The following resume samples can be adapted for your situation.

High School Vocational Training - No Work History

High School Students - No Work History but Strong Academics

High School Students - with Work History

College Students and High School Graduates