Job Applications

Restaurant job applications offer opportunities in a variety of food service and hospitality settings.  An interview directed toward a specific restaurant or specialty dinning location can provide an excellent opportunity to foster a career in culinary arts. A restaurant may have some entry-level employment positions available to high school students with experience or skilled training.   Many adults enjoy working at these locations but are prepared to work nights and weekends. Most individuals consider employment at a quality dinning facility as a long-term career. This environment requires specific skill sets regarding management, culinary preparations, and guest relations. Look through the following selections to find a favorite restaurant / eating establishment. Reflect upon locations in your community that you have enjoyed when attending a party, family occasion or romantic night out. Restaurants come in all varieties - All American and specific cuisine such as, Asian, Cajun, Chinese, Barbecue, Italian, Mexican, Seafood, Tex-Mex and Vietnamese. With so many different tastes, perspective employees can look for a specific restaurant matching his or her preference. Restaurant job applications often appear as online links.  However, most managers prefer applicants to come in and visit directly with staff regarding possible opportunities.

This environment provides opportunities for those interested in the following positions: host / hostess, bartender, food server, waiter / waitress, greeter, lead cook, line cook, cook, prep cook, dishwasher, assistant manager, and manager.

The quality of food and guest comfort are crucial to the success of the restaurant. The manager intends for each visitor to have an experience to remember. Employees should be responsive to the needs and accommodations of each guest.

Restaurant job applications are plentiful. During your interview, be prepared to discuss and share specific examples when you have served others. Remember - visitors to the restaurant want an enjoyable experience. Share how you have put customers first within your past job. A successful interviewer should decribe how he or she has catered to customer's experience and encouraged the guests to return. A work history including fast food employment can be especially important. Hourly positions in this environment provide opportunities in meal preparation and restaurant management. Your resume can benefit from these technical skills.

Printable and on-line applications are listed below. Look for one of the following establishments near your location: