Student Work Project
Production Run 

A production run describes the manfacture of a specific number of student work projects - from proto-type to finished product.  A model or proto-type is created to start the process.  As this first product is created, the assembly process is broken down into steps.  Each step is analyzed regarding the level of difficulty.  Because individuals within Works from the Heart - Plano Style have disabilities, modifications are used to aid in each steps completion. 

For example, before drilling an angled hole for a screw, a larger hole is started which is to seat or hold the drill bit in place.  We will pre-drill every hole before adding a screw.

An adult works with the students to mentor and assist project completion - as needed.

The completed proto-type serves as a model to work toward.  Visualizing the end creation is important.  As each step is finished, students understand the purpose behind every phase..  This proto-type is kept and never offer for sale.  We use it continually as a working example.

Once satisfied with the initial model, a production run is initiated.  We will survey the amount of desire for a specific work project.  This includes requests from parents, individuals of the community and local businesses.  Upon reaching a certain level of demand, a purchase will be made of the raw material needed to complete the assembly.  A run of 50 items is usually typical. 

The product is completed in steps within different locations of our room.  The group is currently composed of nine students and three adults.  Each adult works with three students to complete assigned segments of the assembly.  At present, Works from the Heart - Plano Style, works on the projects two days a week for several hours - Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The philosophy is not to work quickly but to learn as we go and enjoy the creative process.  Yes - some errors may occur.  A drill bit may break off into the wood.  A screw might be partially stripped.  Most accidents can be fixed.  As a finished product, the items are manufactured and assembled by individuals with disabilities.  The adults of the program allow the students yhe flexibility to "make mistakes."  Learning from these situations will improve their skill levels - thus creating a worker with refined experiences.