Job Applications

Individuals interested in photography can complete job applications and begin a career with a studio, retail sales location or work as a free-lance photographer.  This field allows for a variety of pathways when enjoying a career.  Individuals are always needed in this occupation.  Companies like PictureMe staff there studios throughout the year.  Holidays and special events provide a surge in demand.  Job applications in this area allow high school and college students an opportunity to explore creativity and technology – both at the same time.  Individuals will develop an understanding of basic photography, electronic media and creative positioning.  A certain interpersonal skill is required to encourage customers to sit, smile and lean directionally to produce the optimal picture.  Photographers have the goal to produce the highest quality image using the materials available and cooperation of the studio clients

Opportunities abound for part-time associates and studio managers.  Retail sales of camera equipment can be found in specialty stores like Ritz and Wolfe Cameras.  The continued interest allows for the industry to change with technology.  The recent conversion of 35mm film to digital media has affected studios, cell phones and photo development.  As a salesperson, your job is to encourage amateur hobbyist and bring to light the possibilities of the camera.  Potential employees should demonstrate a passion in this field and market supportive experiences using a camera.  These activities can come from personal photography, college / high school classes and free-lance opportunities.