Parent Responsibilities

A parent certainly has responsibilities within the context of the student's success of any work program. Much of this may apply even if the young person is working outside school - not part of a school-to-work program.

  • Carefully read all information provided by the vocational teacher regarding grading policies, course procedures, syllabus and employment guidelines. Respond with questions to clarify any information.
  • Provide authorization and approval regarding the student's initial enrollment in the vocational practicum program. Several documents will need signatures to include a Training Plan Agreement, the syllabus and a copy of the classroom policies / worksite procedures.
  • Attend any meetings scheduled by the school to distribute course / student information related to the course.
  • Provide accurate contact information - cell phone, e-mail, mailing address - for communication to the instructor.
  • Communicate with the teacher by phone / e-mail or attend conferences, open-house events and ARD meetings - if applicable.
  • Encourage student achievement at work and school - Celebrate work responsibilities, work-skills developed and advancement.
  • Enforce and support policies of the vocational school-to-work program. Discuss with your student consequences regarding the act of quitting the job, not attending work and share work-related advice.
  • Let the student face consequences for work mistakes independently.
  • Do not contact the employer.
  • Respect the fact that this is a training opportunity and work with your son or daughter in the learning experience.
  • Help your student make a plan for independence to be implemented after high school graduation. This includes college planning or some type of skilled education.
  • Assist with career exploration. Help your son or daughter discover the many different aspects of employment - job shadowing, weekend projects, creative vacations and family outings.