Museums and Historical Sites
Job Applications

Job applications related to museums and historical sites present opportunities of employment in specialty areas related to programs of education and community awareness.  Support services include security, record keeping, front office management, custodial and ticket sales.  Part-time and seasonal employment may be a possibility within this type of venue.  Seasonal employment varies based upon the dates of the exhibit.  Full-time employment may be attained by individuals with higher education in specialty sciences, areas of history or the arts.  Museums and historical sites require individuals with advanced degrees to serve in areas of management, research and conservation.  Seek local areas of interest near you but do not be afraid to travel and consider other distant locations. 

Employment at a public attraction - nature preserve, science center or historical site - may be difficult at first.  Increase your odds of an entry-level career by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities and internships.  Most locations eagerly seek individuals willing to volunteer their time and talents.  Be open to various jobs - regardless of description.  Many museums and historical sites are willing to train and work directly with patrons showing unique interests.  An outward passion when interviewing for a volunteer position is essential.  An additional option is to complete an internship during the summer or a regular semester at college.  Contributing at a venue within your area of specialty can improve your resume and add depth to your field of study.

The list below of science, historical, natural and artistic venues present ideas for employment (part-time / full-time), internships and volunteer opportunities.  Scan through the list for ideas.  Feel free to suggest a museum or historical site close to your location for addition to the list. 
On-line applications and location information are listed below:  





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