Movers / Shipping
Job Applications

Individuals interested in shipping careers can complete job applications and begin working with movers associated with trucking, van lines, air cargo and ocean containers.  Professional movers are in demand as valued members of Mayflower, Allied Van Lines, Belkins and other cross-country shippers.  Completed job applications with local shipping companies can lead to possible employment as a truck driver, professional mover, packaging specialist or dispatcher.  Shipping specialists package residential and business assets for transport accross the country and the world.    

What skills are required of the employees in this field?  Customers, private individuals and business clients, expect the safe and timely transport of personal belongings / valuable assets.  With this in mind, employees should present an attitude of care and quality assurance.  Movers transport a variety of different size packages.  Each load is important and represents the companies' level of customer service.  Job Applications enable energetic individuals the opportunity to make a difference and earn an independent living.  A commercial drivers licence is a plus.  Entry-level jobs are available for those interested in packaging, crating valuables, transport of goods and reflecting positive customer service.