Job Interview Types

A job interview types can be categorized into different sub-sets based upon the manager's interviewing style, need of the business and the specific position being sought. Most interviews take place in an office or other private setting chosen by the hiring manager.  If available, a break area or informal public location might be used.  Individuals can mentally prepare for this visit by anticipating not only the questions to be asked but preparing for specific job interviews types.   Each version of the planned encounter can vary in intensity and tempo.  Based upon the job position, a company will utilize one style of questioning over another.  For example, when screening students to work at a fast food restaurant, the store manager may use a simple directed style of interviewing.  Simply asking questions in the search for logical / expected answers may be the most efficient use of his or her limited time.  If deciding upon a customer service representative, a manager might conduct a behavior-based interview.  In this conversation, the individual is searching for situational responses based upon natural reactions.  If trying to screen large numbers of applicants in a job fair, groups of hiring personnel may simply use informational inquiries to separate potential candidates.  It is suggested that individuals plan for specific situations in order to present a relaxed and confident demeanor.   In preparation for this important event, students and adults should practice question / answer sessions using each version.  This can be fun and challenging.  In some ways, a mock interview is much like an act in a dramatic theatrical piece.  Each person has a script and role to play.  Through several attempts, a solid performance can be perfected.  Public speaking is the number one fear of most individuals.  In this case, the applicant is speaking to a stranger with possible positive consequences resulting after the conclusion of the meeting.  Naturally, any person will be nervous.  Descriptions of several common job interview types are listed below: 

Directed Interview - structured in nature and reflect a logical question / answer pattern.

Informational Interview - can be one of the most beneficial visits by a perspective candidate.

Behavior-Based Interview - relates to a line of questioning referencing your behavior in a comparison to how the candidate would react in a variety of situations.

Conversational Interview - may convey the feeling that you are conversing with a friend and colleague rather than an employer

Stress Interview - designed to intimidate and analyze how individuals react under pressure.