Interview Formats

Preparation regarding specific interview formats requires thought and mental preparation. Each setting differs and the challenges to overcome each model are competitive.  The manner or style of the interview may vary based upon the situation and the job position.  Do not confuse this with the actual format.  Interview formats refer to the framework and conduct of the specific process.  Each person has a role to play.  The framework may differ based upon the type of job or position in question.  For example, individual interviews may be conducted with walk-in applicants of a fast food restaurant.  Group interviews may be used to screen pools of perspective employees - such as a movie theater or clothing outlet.   Think of the format as the setting.  The trick to navigating this process is to practice, practice, practice.  Such repetition adds confidence and a natural response to an individual's wording / non-verbal cues.  Above all, the applicant's demeanor must present honest and sincere intentions.  You must be believable.  This is the result of repeated practice.

Study each setting in which will have the opportunity to interview.  Being mentally aware of all possibilities allows applicants to rule out anxieties.  Each format allows individuals to utilize specific planning strategies. 

Understanding the various meeting types can assist applicants when planning.  Rehearse wording, demeanor and specific actions when among strangers.  Over time, your behavior becomes less practiced and more natural instead.  If friends are not available to practice the various settings, read through the summaries and imagine your actions.