Internal Interviews

Internal interviews - a traditional job application which individuals network from within the company with the use of close contacts.  This type of option may be the result of an initiative you have taken which you are seeking a change in placement laterally in the company or a promotional advancement.  Many large and mid-size companies have advancement opportunities within different branches of the business.  Look inside your specific location and outside to other branch installations.  Secondly, a supervisor may recognize your potential and internally recommends you for a better job within the company. 

Playing to your Strength - Internal Interviews allow individuals the convenience of being in familiar settings.  This is the case whether you directly know the person recommending this promotion or interviewing with a vague person in the company.  You will have some comfort because of this familiarity in the protocols, environment setting and recognition of personnel.  The process is made even easier due to the ability to schedule the interview, mental preparation regarding the job at hand and simple logistics in the business.  Because of your understanding of the organization's needs, goals and inner culture, you will have a greater chance of success.  

Within an internal interview, the applicant may be seen as the natural choice based upon references and demonstrated quality within the company.  The process can be seen as a vetting situation enabling the applicant to rise past peer competitors.

Hiring from within is good for employment morale.  Individuals wish to believe in the possibility to promotion.  The concept adds stability to the pool of personnel.  Importantly, the practice is cost effective for the business as a whole.

Watch Out - Portions of the argument in support of the interview format may also play against the applicant in this situation.  Those within the company may not always look upon you favorably.  If possible, research to discover those possibly part of the internal interview.  An internal interview is carried out within many professional organizations, academia and government departments.  The interview is organized through a network of individuals within the company.  Understanding who these individuals are as part of the process will help you anticipate individual reactions within the specific interview and channel targeted responses.    

Strategy - Take this interview serious!  Do not assume it will go completely to your favor just because you are the inside candidate.  Begin with a strong introductory statement.  Study all aspects of this hiring opportunity.  Research the job description, the need for the responsibility and the challenges of the position.  Speak directly to the concerns and your ability to make a difference.  Understanding the premise of the position will assist the individual with strong answers directed to each interviewer on the panel.  If individual wish to advance within an organization, focus continually upon the image portrayed.  The point of reference which other visualize you will determine increased opportunities or the fact that individuals remain in the same position without the possibility of advancement.  Always protect your image.