Job Applications

Job applications with an insurance agency can lead to a career specializing in automobile, home and life protection.  Life events require added insurance - financial protection in cases of emergency or personal loss. Career opportunities abound in the form of both corporate and field support positions.  Customer service is a key part of the companies' and your success - as an employee.  Regardless of the situation - natural disaster, automobile accident, and household disaster - clients want service professionals to delivery compassionate / quality care. When considering employment within the insurance sector, understand that each company may specialize within specific areas of finance.  Companies may offer protection to individuals specifically covering a variety of concerns: life, home and asset protection.  Because of the wide range of coverage, employment through on-line job applications can lead to strong career opportunities.  College internships should be considered. Early networking while in school can lead to immediate employment after graduation.  Experience within the industry is vital to your understanding.  Cross-training within different areas of insurance can increase employability.  Take advantage of the company training program. 

Opportunities are available for independent-minded professionals.  Skilled individuals can work as personal agents or field specialists.  As mentioned, persons should convey confidence and trust.  Professionals can take advantage of good benefits - customized schedules, competitive pay and salary options. Job openings may include: sales agents, data entry, claims specialists, underwriting and customer support.  The websites below list only a few of the major insurance companies.  Explore the links for career opportunities and job search specific markets close to your location.