Individual Interviews

Individual interviews challenge any qualified applicant to meet the employer one-on-one with confident answers to a variety of questions.  The term describes simple face-to-face visits with a store management.  On the most basic of levels, young employees can speak directly to members of management - voicing confidence and advocating for employment consideration.

Playing to your Strength - As stated, this is your opportunity to speak directly to the manager.  Review possible questions and appropriate answers.  The strength of individual interviews allows the applicant to seize multiple advantages.  The perspective employee sets the spontaneous time in which to visit the business.  If invited to a formal one-to-one interview, the applicant always has an opportunity to reflect and focus his or her thoughts.  There a few surprises.  

Watch Out - Practice a short introductory script before speaking to members of the business.  Plan this visit during a time when the business is not crowded.  Certainly, do not enter a restaurant during lunch or supper hours.  Avoid retail stores during heavy traffic times - Friday nights / Saturday evenings.   Plan your visit to ask about possible employment opportunities to when the time is optimal.  

Strategy - When seeking employment, approach every store-front as if it were an opportunity to meet the manager and interview on the spot.  With your script in mind, ask to speak with the manager regarding a possible job opportunity.  If available, he or she may present a possible interview on the spot.  Applicants never know when the business is open to new employees.  At any time, a tenured employee may have quit or recently been fired.  Because of your practice to visit numerous businesses on a repeated basis, the possibility of successful employment has increased.