Hotel and Resort
Job Applications

Job applications associated with hotels and resorts target employees for the hospitality and tourism industry. Locations offer guest-oriented environments for relaxing vacations, casual outings and business opportunities. This sector seeks professionals which are interested in the quality of service and guest satisfaction. Ideal candidates understand the psychology of patrons. Your guests always come first. Their comfort and enjoyment while residing at your hotel is the establishment's focus.

A potential employee can consider any of the following opportunities within the hotel's staffing operations: cashier, desk attendant, guest services representative, reservations clerk, bartender, bannquet server, busser, cocktail server, host/hostess, dishwasher, prep cook, cook, waitress/waiter, concierge desk attendant, maintenance worker, entertainer, accountant, reservations clerk, event planner, security guard, transportation/delivery, sales manager, administrative assistant, shift supervisor and hotel manager.

When considering this position, candidates must present a professional image fitting the manager's expectations. As an employee, this quality image is reflected in dress, attitude and speech. Because the level of guest satisfaction is so high in this industry, the same target professionalism is expected from the various staff members. Interview questions will reflect numerous situational outcomes. For example, "After checking into the room, your guest offers an unsatisfactory opinion regarding the state of the hotel room. How would you, as the desk attendant, resolve this situation and produce a favorable outcome." Be prepareed to answer other simular questions.

Printable and on-line applications are listed below. Look for one of the following establishments near your location: