Home Improvement
Job Applications

Job applications related to a hardware store offer a career for individuals interested in any number of construction skills, outside landscaping or home improvement. College and high school students must demonstrate a mature and professional demeanor with knowledge of technical skills associated with products at the store.

A potential employee should consider any of the following employment opportunities within the store: cashier, receiving clerk, sales associate, sales manager, delivery driver, sales specialist, customer service representative, project specialist, commercial sales, nursery associate, night stock associate, distribution manager, assistant manager and store manager.

Student employees are often required to work nights and weekends. Especially important - beautiful weather on the weekend means increased sales throughout the store. Employees will be busy. Consider store-level benefits when employed at a home improvement store. Working directly with experienced men and woman with construction / remodeling backgrounds is above all - the most important. Listen to these individuals and learn from everyday store conversations. Employment in this environment is an education in itself. An additional benefit stems from working directly with store products and services. Employees learn about specific products through direct association. Continually use the store for product knowledge. Read package labels and store services for professional knowledge. Given the amount of available materials, subtle information abounds throughout this environment.

During your interview, be prepared to discuss your experience and knowledge of specific products sold in the store. Relate hands-on experiences regarding specific home improvement projects. Listing these items on your resume in a section for hobbies and interests may informally demonstrate your comfort with tools and general home improvement.

Printable and on-line applications are listed below. Look for one of the following establishments near your location: