Home Decor and Furnishings
Job Applications

Home Decor stores include a wide-variety of locations specializing in residencial fashion trends and creative specialty products. Retailers have the flexability to align trendy products with a customer's preference. Seasonal sales and holidays encourage shopping and the need for additional employees. What qualities are desired by employers? Managers prefer those which enjoy product sales and customer service. Sales drive business. As perspective employees, you can assist with the competitive nature of your new company.

Individuals should have a passion for the products in the store. Enjoy the new seasonal merchandise and share this excitement with the customers. A good team of employees will provide the elements of a motivational sales staff.

High school and college students alike can benefit from the experience and work history opportunities. Outside of teamwork qualities, individuals should demonstrate positive personality attributes. Uplifting employees encourage the behavior of others - fellow co-workers and customers.

During your interview, be prepared to discuss and share specific examples when you have contributed to the group's success. Be specific and share. This answer may or may not include work-related situations. For individuals with little or no work history, share related examples of community organizations or clubs - such as sports teams, Scouting organizations, religious groups and school clubs.

Printable and on-line applications are listed below. Look for one of the following stores near your location: