Home and Business Security
Job Applications 

Job applications associated with home / business alarm security systems combine interests of law enforcement and personal protection.  Individuals desiring a career with asset protection can contribute to a companies' security and a home owner's sense of protection.  A working knowledge of computer networking and alarm systems is important.  Other professional skills include an ability to communicate effectively in a calm manner with the challenges of multi-tasking.  Employment in this category includes those monitoring home / business security systems from a remote site.  Employees will program alarm panels and monitor incoming signals.  Trouble-management of error readings and in-house networking requires individuals with a combination of software and hardware skills.  Similar to a 911 center, operators dispatch police and fire protection services to residences and businesses with urgency.  In order of priority, home owners and managers are contacted with dispatch information. 

Other employees in this sector operator as installers.  Workers are involved directly with the installation / setup of the remote monitoring station at a private residence, company store, warehouse or office building.  Correct wiring / installation of the key pad and sensors are important for correct monitoring.  Installers often work independently or in small coordinated groups.  A key skill of this employee is his or her ability to problem-solve.  Combining computer skills, an understanding of networking and site hardware installation assists the security system installer as he or she complete jobs with quality and efficiency.

Interviewers will be interested in the level of your experience and depth of technical trade skills.  A good resume will depict projects which the applicant has successfully contributed and entry-level experiences which have developed a foundation of installation knowledge.  Your interviewer will inquire of your competency.  Potential employees of a monitoring center or outside installer must convey his or her ability to perform the job with confidence and independence.  List previous experiences and deploy strong eye contact with a positive voice response.

On-line applications are listed below. Consider one of the following businesses below: