High School Resume Template

Using an appropriate High School Resume Template provide ideas when using basic building blocks and create a distinct and eye-catching first impression. This document can give high school students a nice hedge against other competitors in the same age range. Most young students shy away from using one. In an aggressive employment market, individuals should use every opportunity available to separate themselves from others seeking the same job. If hesitating when writing your first resume or recreating an old one, try using a high school resume template with creative wording to draw attention to your application. When developing your document, consider the following areas of writing. Some are very standard and others can be unique to those in high school. The last statement is the most important. Check your document against the simple building blocks of a high school resume template.  The below components are typical items found within the paper.

High School Resume Template

  • Name and Contact Information - Include your name, address, phone numbers (cell and home) and an e-mail address - Your name should standout. It may be appropriate to increase the font size apart from the rest of the typed document. When using phone numbers, make sure these are working and use a professional / mature voice mail.
  • Objective or Statement of Intent - Young employees can use a standard objective but be sure to make this statement original and personal. Plain and copied objectives are boring and uninteresting. Individuals should be specific to the job at hand. The objective can change easily change to reflect each application.
  • Short-Term Goals - These are objectives in the life of a student which can be accomplished within two years or by the time high school is finished. Writers should consider statements related to graduation and skill-based objectives.
  • Long-Term Goals - These objectives can be finished within ten years after high school graduation. This may include graduating from community college with a specific degree or working in a key position with a favorite company.
  • Employment History - Students should include all experiences, paid and unpaid. The bullets should elaborate regarding the skills gained and developed. Applicants are considered equally qualified - with and without work history. Those without previous experience may be easy to teach new skills - not having poor work habits.
  • Work Skills - A good high school resume template certainly highlights your experience as applies to work skills. Use this area of the document to support or compliment the Work History section. Include within these bullets anything which you have learned at school, from your parents or within an organization like the Boy Scouts or 4H Club. These skill-sets indicate your progressive ability to learn new skills and desire to self-improve.
  • Education - Applicants should state where he or she is attending high school and graduation year. Include a categorized listing of math, science and elective classes. Only list your GPA if it is significantly high - 3.5 or higher.
  • Awards / Honors - This area may be considered less important than others categories on the document. Recognized and distinguished notations of character are considered most important. These items should mark some type of accomplishment.
  • Volunteerism - This section works in direct correlation with work experience and skill-sets. Often, volunteer activities through community or religious organizations support learning. More importantly, young people develop work ethics and a sense of service.
  • Service Organizations - List different organizations, school and community-related, which you are involved. Applicants can identify past membership within appropriate groups. Employers would like to hire students which plan to actively work at the business for several years - not considering just temporary employment. Longevity with groups of this nature may indicate loyalty and commitment.
  • Interests / Hobbies - These bullets are great ice-breakers and show a layer of personality. Employers may easily pull an interview question from this section.
  • Travel / Experiences - Applicants can share broad or specific experiences related to the job or skills associated to the employment. For example, if applying for a job at a nice restaurant, share about a unique dining visit during a recent vacation.
  • References available upon request - If really important, just list this statement at the bottom of the resume. It is not required nor suggested that it be included on your document. This information is available to the employer on the application.

The above items are suggestions from a standard template used to create various high school students resumes. This type of document should be unique to the individual related to the job at hand.

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