Group Interviews

Group interviews feature more than one candidate with the possibility of several interviewers.  Individuals may be judged based upon interaction among peer members of this setting.  While saving the employer time and money, these interviews allow the managers to visualize personalities - illustrated through verbal / non-verbal cues.  Often, an individuals personal attributes can be highlighted when with like peers.  The interview may be conducted in an office environment or within a public venue, such as the sidewalk in front of the store.

Playing to your Strength - In a small way, this environment can simulate a workplace.  Small conversations can highlight how individuals react verbally to managers / co-workers given related topics.  Questions allow applicants the choice to contribute to responses voiced within the group.  This being the case, some individuals will not seem as nervous because the focus of the interviewer is not completely upon one person.

Watch Out - Applicants will have to work hard to distinguish themselves from others within the group.  Some competitors within the group interview may be skilled or overly aggressive within this setting.  Individuals within the group are observed for their behaviors, not for specific words or answers to interview questions.  Questions are meant to encourage a response from the group - triggering a series of conversations among listeners.  Applicants should be courteous and helpful to fellow candidates.  Do not become overly aggressive, seeming to bully other applicants.  In this environment, seek to understand what qualities the interviewers are desiring to isolate - leadership, teamwork, customer service or description of experiences.  With this in mind, align your answers and behavior to support the group at large - support your fellow applicants and seemingly become an asset to the group.  Applicants can verbally support and join others members of the group in collaborative answers.