Functional Resume Samples

A functional resume samples provide examples which highlight an individual's skills and expertise across a spectrum of categories - increasing of successful employment. Specific individuals may benefit from this format. First, students with no previous work experience may have an opportunity to highlight abilities. A lack of previous employment is not always a bad situation. Highlight your skills and abilities in related areas - giving yourself credit for demonstrated knowledge. For example, a young person can list skills in the kitchen to include preparing family recipe favorites. This information can help an employer of a restaurant recognize your interest and passion for culinary services. Even with little or no work history, this perspective employee may possibly have a great deal to offer. Second, individuals with employment gaps can emphasize qualifications rather than work history. No one is exceptionally excited to be without employment. This label earmarks a wide-range of persons, including home-makers, a lack of employment due to medical reasons, an absence for continuing education/college, periods of sustained unemployment and young adults entering the job market infrequently. Third, frequent job changers, such as high school / college students, may have reasons for spending only short periods employed at specific businesses. This may be understandable regarding university students working off campus but having to return home for the summers. Lastly, a functional resume may highlight key skills and experiences not associated or directly related to an employment history.

View specific functional resume samples with the intention to visualize how you might benefit from this format.

Traditional Functional Format

  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Qualifications
  • Skills / Achievements
  • Education

Functional Resume Samples

A functional resume has several key advantages. This format focuses upon experiences and skills rather than employment. Often, applicants find "help wanted ads" with the phrase - experience required. Within the interview, this barrier may be overcome by demonstrating and showcasing abilities. After all, experienced workers must come from somewhere. This format might get an applicant called in for the interview. The rest is up to the individual to verbally promote their potential for success.

This style can also allow for the organization of experiences: paid / unpaid work, volunteering, internships and related activities. Put together, these areas blend for a seamless document. Lastly, individuals can disguise gaps of employment with positive growth toward a career goal. From another point of view, this style may seem to hide the unemployment. Some employers may become suspicious regarding the lack of solid / lengthy job assignments. Individuals should use wording carefully and not make the lack of employment completely obvious.