Filing System
Career Center / School-to-Work Program

A well-organized and maintained filing system can be a huge benefit to the teacher of a work-based learner - practicum course. The ability to manage file materials within the classroom / career center enables the teacher to meet increased student demands and needs. Review the suggestions below when collecting materials as part of your filing system.

All Work-based Learning Students

  • Parent / student contact information
  • Employer / Instructor work performance grade sheets
  • Student's class schedule
  • Daily notes from students, parents and employers - things to do list
  • Student portfolio - accessible to students
  • Weekly student employment schedule / student training report
  • Semester or yearly report of work hours / training report
  • Documentation / travel itinerary to worksites - date, location, student's name, mileage and purpose of visit. A simple mileage chart can be used for this purpose. Use a spreadsheet to record each category and sort based upon report desired. Filter and sort by student to print the individual's activities for the year.

Career Preparation Class - Regular Education Coop Class

  • Career Preparation Class - Syllabus
  • Course policies / guidelines - signed by student and parent
  • Training Plan Agreements - signed by all parties: student, parent, training site sponsor and teacher
  • Training Plan Objectives - TEKS and Employment developed and agreed by teacher - updated each grade period
  • Change of jobsite / employment change report - copy forwarded to district administration.
  • Current and past PEIMS reports

Work Experience Class - Modified Special Education Class - instructional code 08 - VAC

  • Work Experience Class - Syllabus
  • Course policies / guidelines - signed by parent and student
  • Employment contract - signed by all parties: student, parent, training site sponsor and teacher

Special Education Students -

  • Copy of modifications / accommodations
  • Transition Plan
  • VAC / Employment Goal - updated each grade period and given to student / parent

Career Center

  • Employment list - local businesses which may be hiring
  • Employment support materials - such as, how to write a resume, sample interview questions and dressing for an interview
  • University / community college materials - applications, course descriptions, specific scholarships to the institution and degree programs offered
  • Scholarship applications
  • Financial Aid information
  • local job applications and employment resources
  • Career articles - newspapers, magazines and internet sources
  • Career Exploration options
  • Local Chamber of Commerce directory
  • Inventory of classroom books / career center materials