Employment Search

Employment Search Strategies -  I use a variety of on-line employment search programs and create a consolidated list using a zero miles from the zip code strategy. The list is updated weekly. As well, your list should be consistently updated within a set time-frame. Remember that employers place job openings on such sites within a window of time. Within this window, positions open and close. Only the employer knows when the position is truly closed. Second, Networking is crucial. I visit locations nightly and determine the employment potential within my areas through site visits and personal contacts.


You may be contacted through your application. If so, be familiar with your information submitted and any other attached documents. Interview questions will surely come from the information you included as part of your application.


Some businesses will view new applications seriously after a set number of days. Submit a new application frequently and when appropriate. An employer may consider your application “out of date” after a given time period. Some individuals will pull the “most recent” applications from the list of open / available documents. Employers will retain applications for one to three years. Naturally, after several weeks or months with no contact from you, it may be assumed that you are not interested or have found other employment.

Follow Up

Do not wait for the perspective employer to contact you. Follow-up after the application has been submitted and inquire about a position or interview. Doing this repeatedly show your determination and reminds the employer by placing a name with a face. When visiting an employment site in person, dress appropriately and professionally. Business casual is suggested.