Employer Responsibilities

The employer has responsibilities which enable and foster student success. As part of the school-to-work program, each employer plays an important educational role within the area of career enhancement and skill development.

  • Provide work-based instruction consistent with the expectations and quality of the school.
  • Ensure that the training site provides the student with a quality learning situation. Provide clear instruction with positive feedback and corrective feedback. With the teacher, target specific skills and objectives to enhance the learning experience.
  • Encourage the student to develop new skills and continually learn through new work site challenges.
  • Provide a safety orientation and safe work environment.
  • Counsel with the student-employee and treat the individual fairly.
  • Pay the student a rate that is comparable to other employees based upon the duties and responsibilities performed, equal to what the student's services are worth, and in compliance with the federal wage and hour regulations.
  • Communicate visit with school instructor openly and share student strengths and areas of need related to employment and skills required by the training site.
  • Complete periodic employment evaluations with honest and fair appraisals.
  • Contact / inform teacher prior to making any changes to student training assignment or employment status.