Delivery and Logistics
Job Applications

Job applications with logistics and delivery companies offer a variety of jobs related to the safe / timely transportation of packages and documents.  Shippers, packers, operators and drivers are needed by a range of employers, such as UPS, FedEx and DHL.  Most hire throughout the year.  Delivery companies increase the numbers of employees during seasonal gifting. Services include transportation by ground, air and sea.  Regardless of the mode of travel, each package requires care and attention.  Part-time jobs can lead to full-time positions.  Most sites have applications online.  Some companies can be contacted directly when inquiring of employment opportunities.  Other shipping / packaging companies are independently owned as private franchises.  Local owners and managers may have paper applications specific to their business.  A small company may employee individuals performing customer service obligations, such as copy services, postal assistance and document printing. 

View the following companies associated with delivery and logistics.  Job applications can lead to many career benefits.