Chronological Resume

A chronological resume highlights a steady work history and experiences directly related to the career of focus. First, through career progression and extended time in a specific career pathway, individuals develop traction in a field of interest. Each job builds upon the other. By this growth, your resume becomes stronger as time passes. Your goal should be to seek responsibility within each position and grow in knowledge and experience. Your resume then documents and substantiates a strong work history. Second, a this resume highlights experiences directly related to the position which the applicant is applying. Use this style to introduce volunteer activities, internships, interests, hobbies and background associations. Your document should carry a theme and everything must relate to the job or profession of interest.

View specific samples with the intention to visualize how you might benefit from this format.

Traditional Chronological Format

  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Optional Wild Card Category

Chronlogical Resume Samples

A chronological resume has several key advantages. First, it is one of the most widely used type-settings - utilizing a logical flow and organization. For this reason, this resume can be easily read and scanned for key information. Remember, a resume will be viewed within a matter of seconds. Employers want to quickly read this document and move to the next applicant's information. Second, this method emphasizes an individual's skills and responsibility. This progression can be easily documented through bullets of achievement. Third, applicants can share titles and promotions. Understandably, these recognitions significantly draw attention to a person's potential to successfully produce like success in future employment opportunities. Lastly, a good work history shows loyalty. A chronological resume contains a documented work history. Solid resumes earmark individuals which have remained at the same company and often position for years at a time. Good employees grow over this period and are patient with opportunities through good companies. "Job Hopping" is looked down upon.