Career Surveys

Career surveys can provide an early indicator regarding possible employment choices.  Explore the options available to include: cluster details, customized programs of study and questionnaires.  As a teacher and career counselor, the use Achieve Texas and other employment resource materials guide students toward an interest of choice. With the appropriate career education materials, individuals can make sound choices.

Employment Planning begins early and requires an individualized approach to transition planning. Regardless of the student's instructional level, each individual can utilize the employment quiz / Programs of Study to prepare for high school graduation and post-secondary choices.

Achieve Texas uses the sixteen federally defined Career Clusters of the States' Career Clusters initiative ( as a foundation for structuring how schools arrange instructional programming. From the experiences of my educational profession, sample materials have been included below. Some pdf documents have been further customized to meet the needs of my students.

While few surveys are completely scientific, the included samples can be implemented to encourage interest discussions. Before using one of the sample surveys, consider the individual's age, academic-level and background.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, follow-up with a discussion of employment opportunities in specific clusters using the sample sheets at the bottom of the page.

Sixteen Career Clusters

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Career Surveys

  • General Survey Version - Printable career survey which can encourage initial career discussions. Individuals will complete questions leading to three career indicators.
  • Cross-Walk Survey - Ideal for younger students and individuals from various instructional settings.

Once completing the career interest survey, view a sample of careers within your top scored clusters. These careers as listed within the 16 Career Clusters and pathways:

Sample Careers