Career Preparation Class

Career Preparation Cooperative Education is a program that combines academic studies and work experiences to develop employees which can enter the workforce prepared to meet the employers expectation and succeed within various environments / settings. Students explore various occupations of interest and develop refined understanding of what is required to become successful within his or her chosen field. Sample topics include job acquisition, occupational safety, business communications, professional presentation and career planning. Employment meeting the course criteria may relate to one of the following: child care, hotel management, food preparation, home furnishings and retail sales. Through a weekly course of study, students develop and complete objectives based upon Chapter 127 of the Texas Knowledge and Skills for Career Development Subchapter B High School. Local businesses provide on-the-job training through paid work experiences. The instructor and employer work together to mentor the student throughout this learning experience. Importantly, students recieve skilled training to better prepared them for advanced employment directly after high school on a full or part-time basis - increasing their college retention rate. As part of the syllabus, students complete objects throughout the year in preparation for post-secondary education, employment growth and independent living. All three concepts blend together to positively support the growth of a graduating senior. Objectives in these three areas are created by the student and agreed upon by the instructor.

Within initial days of course enrollment, students complete employment verification and a training plan. This document formally frames the employment site, job description and denotes key participants - student, parent, training sponsor (employer) and teacher / coordinator. Within the plan, students identify specific TEKS and employment goals - related directly to his or her job site. The student-based objects are listed on the back of the training plan. These objects are updated by the student at the conclusion of each six-week grading period. Review Career and Technical Education-Curriculum - Career Preparation and Practicum Course for details / examples regarding training plans and employment posters. During the school year, if a student leaves the employment site for any reason - quit the job, fired / terminated, change of course schedule / no longer in the class, withdrawn from school - a termination form must be immediately submitted to the Career Education Office. A sample of a Student Information Packet of the Career Preparation class describes the course expectations and requirements. While this is given to the student / parents for informational knowledge, a Code of Ethics / Course Guidelines is completed and returned back to the instructor.

Students are scheduled for one academic classroom period and two periods of off-campus experience. Individuals recieve 1.5 credits per semester / 3.0 credits per year within the time completed in Career Preparation.

During the year, topics within the syllabus are explored and discussed. On a weekly basis for example, students generally complete two journals, document work hours, watch career videos, participate in current topics discussions and complete extensive research in several areas of:

  • employment, career advancement, college choices, college majors / selecting courses, financial aide options / scholarships and financial maturity.
  • The topics listed in the Year in Review allow the instructor to organize and spread the content throughout the year. Each weeks topic represents highlighted material representing content for two to three days of instructional studies.

Career instructional documents on this page are available by request. Modify the pages to add your personal information as a school and instructor.

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