Career Exploration Lessons

Community-Based Vocational Exploration

Vocational Exploration allows students to explore interests, values, strengthes, develop initial career exploration ideas as applied to employment within the community.

Typically, schools include Vocational Exploration as one of the first stages in the transition process. A teacher accompanies a small group of students into the business or other public setting. Two hours allows plenty of instructional time to complete this activity - includes transportation time.

Special Education often develops structured programming around Community-Based Vocational Educational. However, the lessons below can be used with younger children with any other learning situation.

Businesses and public locations are our partners in education. When entering the location, I purposefully do not draw attention to myself and the students. Employers know me and do not mind my instructional visits. The students and I blend into the environment and most would assume that we are "just shopping."

Remember - Vocational Exploration specifies five hours per job experienced. Thus, my students never experience the same instructional lesson at the same business. If I am conducting a lesson about sorting videos, the lessons will have a different affect at Blockbuster compared to Hollywood Videos or Wal-Mart. Thus, there are a multitude of locations and lessons which may be combined.

Above all, be respectful of the businesses and public venues.

Use the following lessons to begin your program. Each are simple pdf files which may be downloaded.