Career Education Teacher

A Career Education Teacher prepares students for successful employment, post-secondary education and independent living skills. Each of these three component are essential for students to be successful after graduation. The curriculum from my Career Preparation and Work Experience Class is based upon - Chapter 127 of the Texas Knowledge and Skills for Career Development Subchapter B High School. These practicum courses provide students in grades 11 and 12 content instruction in the classroom with the opportunity to apply learning experiences in a business experience. The program allows for a varied content of instruction. This flexibility can vary from campus to campus and between specific student situations.

  • General Related Instruction - General employment skills can be applied within group settings or through individual instruction with the intent of securing, managing or advancing in a given employment / career goal.
  • Specific Related Instruction - This component of the practicum provides the student with closely supervised teaching directly related to the student's work-based instruction and career goal.
  • Work-Based Instruction - In addition to the above classroom teachings, occupationally specific training, provided by the business or industry in cooperation with the school complete the career preparation experience. A written training agreement is required which is agreed upon by the student, parent, school employment coordinator and employer.

As a part of a student's learning experience, specific instructional arrangements can be more beneficial than others. While the Career Preparation and Work Experience Classes focus upon paid employment. The variety of work-based learning can enhance any resume.

When creating an employment program or career center, consider a filing system to help manage the types of documents. A well-organized document system can greatly assist the teacher manage the growing number of data sheets, informational / reference sheets and hand-outs. The manner in which you file and categorize these documents direct affects your ability to respond to student / administrative needs.


The success of a good practicum / field-based learning program reflects the effort of each member within the training agreement to complete his or her responsibilities. It is essential that the student "own" the fundamentals of the educational experience. This being said, student individual responsibility is vital and determines the quality of the experience. The Career Education Teacher is the leader and motivational force to empower each student. Working with a teacher, the parents provide the foundation for a successful graduation. Every student seeks the affirmation of his or her parents. Parental responsibilities carry the day in the end. The Training Site Sponsor or employer is the educational partner with the coop teacher providing a balanced / complete experience.