Career and Course of Study

Students of all cognative levels benefit from career planning. A specific course of study is preferable for every student.

Individuals planning for careers requiring college courses complete appropriate science classes such as, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Completed in sequence, these high school students are preparing for a successful college academic experience. The same can be said for electives. If planning to study engineering in college, specific vocational classes such as Computer Science, Mechanical Sciences and Physics, should be completed. Specific content classes, such as Physics and Geometry, support the career as a vocational course and fullfil the content requirement for graduation.

Not all students attend a traditional college program. Special Education students or those in resource class should still follow and complete a career and course of study worksheet - simular to their regular education peers.

Using a cross-walk career survey , a student can narrow the selection of courses and plan for a career. When condensing the sixteen career clusters, the six career pathway categories can assit individuals when sub-dividing the student's course of study.

The following course of study worksheets are created based upon a cross-walk comparison. Using the six pathways as a basis, a student can complete high school courses based upon a career pathway of interest. The courses listed on the worksheets are samples only. Many states and school disticts offer a variety of courses. These classes may use simular or very different names - but covering the same instructional objectives.

The Career and Course of Study Worksheets identify a sample of typical areas of employment, a sample of businesses, academic key skill sets and an example of typical classes in this career pathway.

Common Practice - Each student can be interviewed in regards to this worksheet. Use a highlighter to identify matching areas which match the student's interest or support the individual's direction. This worksheet can be used in the transition portfolio on a yearly basis.