Career Clusters

Review the career clusters and weigh options regarding which area of employment would best fit your personality, based upon employment options and pathways.  Planning begins at an early age and continues throughout our lives. In this process, consider and research specific areas of employment. Through self-study and experiences, our knowledge and understanding of categories can be broadened. Each job, regardless of type, pay-scale, educational-level, will fall into one of sixteen clusters. The jobs within these career clusters can be further divided into pathways. The job you may be interested and its' description will be listed in one of the pathways.

Career Interest Surveys provide a nice first step when considering future prospects for employment. With so many available on the Internet, consider career descriptions listed on this website. Most importantly, use a survey that is appropriate to the learner and environment. As a result, an initial result can direct the individual toward an initial career cluster choice.

The result of your interest survey will lead you to one of several specific areas of interests. Of the sixteen career clusters, 81 pathways can further divide areas of employment into to specific specializations.

Visit the following career clusters - pdf options.  Your employment, regardless of cluster, will require some type of education past high school. This education in preparation for your career may ressemble a variety of forms, such as direct work experience, a certificate, an associate degree, a bachelor degree or some form of graduate or professional program.

Select one of the the following educational charts as a comparrison. The spreadsheet of the listed job options contain specific pathway information illustrating what career target will be achieved pending the major or course of study in a post-secondary institution.  The 16 career clusters are organized to explore.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Agribusiness Systems - Financial Manager

Animal Systems - Large Animal Caretaker

Animal Systems - Veterinary Technician

Environmental Service Systems - Water Treatment Operator

Food Products and Processing Systems - Agricultural Communications

Food Products and Processing Systems - Meat Processor

Natural Resources Systems - Fish Hatchery Manager

Plant Systems - Biological Technician

Plant Systems - Crop Farm Manager

Plant Systems - Floral Designer

Power, Structural and Technical Systems - Welder

Architecture & Construction

Design / Pre-Construction - Architect

Design / Pre-Construction - Interior Designer

Construction - Construction Worker

Maintenance / Operations - Electrician

Art, AV Technology & Communication

Audio and Video Technologies - Film / Video Editor

Journalism and Broadcasting - Writers and Photographers

Performing Arts - Directors, Producers and Actors

Printing Technologies - Graphic Designer

Telecommunications - Electronic Engineering Technician

Visual Arts - Artist / Art Director

Visual Arts - Fashion Designer

Visual Arts - Graphic Designer

Business Management & Administration

Administration and Information Support - Office Manager

Business Analyst - Market Research Analyst

Business Financial Management & Accounting - Financial Manager

Human Resources - Human Resource Manager

Management - Business Executive

Marketing - Marketing Manager

Education & Training

Administration and Administrative Support - Education Administrator

Professional Support Services - School Counselor

Teaching and Training - Early Childhood Education

Teaching and Training - Secondary Teacher


Business Financial Management - Financial Controller

Financial and Investment Planning - Financial Manager

Insurance Services - Actuary

Banking and Related Services - Financial Officer

Government & Public Administration

Foreign Service - Interpreter / Translator

Governance - Legislative Aide

National Security - Armed Forces

Planner - Urban Planner

Public Management and Administration - Community Service Mgr

Regulation - Customs Inspector

Revenue and Taxation - Tax Examiner

 Health Science

Biotechnology Research and Development

Diagnostic Services - Clinical Lab Scientist

Diagnostic Services - Medical Imaging

Diagnostic Services - Nutritionist

Health Informatics - Health Information

Health Informatics - Medical Administration

Support Services - Environmental Scientist

Therapeutic Services - Dental Careers

Therapeutic Services - Emergency Medical Services

Therapeutic Services - Nursing

Therapeutic Services - Pharmacist

Therapeutic Services - Physician

Therapeutic Services - Psychiatrist

Hospitality & Tourism

Lodging - Hotel Manager

Recreation, Amusements & Attractions - Amusement Park Worker

Restaurants and Food / Beverage Services - Chef

Restaurants and Food / Beverage Services - Food Service Mgr

Travel and Tourism - Travel and Tourism Director

Human Services

Consumer Services - Sales Manager

Consumer Services - Sales Representative

Consumer Services - Personal Financial Advisor

Counseling and Community Services - Counselor

Early Childhood and Development Services -Childcare Director

Family and Community Services - Dietitian

Family and Community Services - Geriatric Care Manager

Family and Community Services - Social Services Manager

Personal Care Services - Cosmetologist

Information Technology

Information Support and Services - Computer Support Systems

Information Support and Services - Geography

Interactive Media - Communications Analyst

Interactive Media - Multimedia Producer

Network Systems - Data Communications Analyst

Network Systems - Network Systems Administrator

Network Systems - Operations Analyst

Programming and Software Development - Computer Programming

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Correction Services - Corrections Officer

Emergency and Fire Management Services - Fire Fighter

Law Enforcement Services - Police Officer

Legal Services - Lawyer

Security and Protective Services - Security Guard


Health, Safety and Environmental Assurance - Safety Coordinator

Logistics and Inventory Control - Material Handler

Maintenance, Installation and Repair - Industrial Technician

Manufacturing Production Process Development - Production Manager

Production - Welder

Quality Assurance - Quality Control Inspector


Buying and Merchandising - Sales Manager

Distribution and Logistics - Distribution Manager

E-Marketing - Sales Manager

Management and Entreprenuership - Entreprenuer

Marketing Communications and Promotions - Advertising Manager

Marketing Information Manager and Research - Market Research Analyst

Professional Sales and Marketing - Exhibit Designer

Professional Sales and Marketing - Sales Representative

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Engineering and Technology - Engineer

Science and Mathematics - Chemist

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance - Automotive Service Technician

Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance - Aircraft Mechanic

Health, Safety and Environmental Management - Safety Engineer

Logistics Planning and Management Services - Logistics

Transportation Operations - Airline Pilot

Sales and Service - Service Manager

Transportation Systems / Infrastructure Planning, Management and Regulation - Air Traffic Controller

Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations - Industrial Engineer

Which of the career Clusters interest you the most?