Cable and Satellite
Job Applications

Traditional television entertainment continues to change - programming, choices and delivery.  Individuals are needed to meet the growing demand for new services and customer requests.  Companies employee thousands of people in a variety of service areas - installers, marketing agents, program managers and network specialists.  Complete job applications with cable operators / satellite companies and enjoy career opportunities within a growing industry offering television programming and information delivery. Such individuals should be motivated with a passion for company entertainment programming / service packages. Satellite companies and cable operators are equally hiring. National providers like Dish Network, DirecTV and Time Warner Cable offer a varying degree of services beyond television.  Many are including services such as Internet, phone and security management. Customers want to connect their electronic / entertainment devices using the services provided. Specialists should be able to demonstrate and convey the possibilities provided through new advances in technology.  Opportunities abound in programming, installation, marketing and customer service. Employment within careers related to satellite and cable services can lead to exciting possibilities in a variety of career choices.   

Many companies have in-depth training programs related to each job description.  The education and experience received during the initial hiring process is an important benefit.  Learn from the challenges and opportunities resulting from each customer appointment.  The technical understanding and marketing enhancement will enhance your resume.  During the interview, highlight your ability learn new skills and present a teachable spirit.

View the satellite and cable companies below for possible employment opportunities: