Biography -

I am currently Career Preparation / Work Experience Instructor at Plano East Senior High School.  Typically, we have 100 students enrolled in my program.  The group is a broad mixture of individuals with wonderful talents.  Many adults refer to this as traditional coop.  Regardless,  my services of employment networking are available throughout Plano East Senior High School.  You are welcome to e-mail me directly at my school address - tommy.guynes@pisd.edu

part-time-jobs-for-students.net is about assisting a variety of individuals with successful employment experiences.

I hope you find the information within this site helpful to your employment and career planning success. As a naturally competitive individual, this field of study has always enticed me with interest.

For the past 15 years, my experience with employment and career planning has included a broad spectrum of the population to include adults, college students, high school individuals and those with special needs. My belief is that every person has employment potential and talents to contribute to the market place. Successful employment is often the foundation for a positive self-esteem.