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PTStudentJobs Newsletter, Issue #004 -- Employment during January
January 07, 2013

Employment during January

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During the month of January, employment hours may be sparse and few. This is true because of the decreasing business after the holidays. Most affected are the retail shops which benefitted during the recent holiday season. A portion of the seasonal employees will be retained. The underlying determination depends upon the specific company, the strength of the regional market and the demand for the companies' products / services. The number of individuals kept is decision of the manager / business owner. Timing of the reduction in hours occurs just after the first of the New Year. During the next 45 days - middle of February - companies will balance their payroll books. After this time period, the level of business traffic picks up. January is always a difficult time regarding employment and the number of work hours offered is usually lessened.

Seasonal employees which made a positive impression during the new hire process and the hectic hours of the holidays will have the best odds for retention. During this temporary part-time employment, the employer has taken the time to sample your work and dependability. A recent student in my program remarked, "I just want one opportunity to demonstrate what I can do!" Seasonal employment during October through December is the best chance to showcase your talents.

Strategy for Retention

When being approached by the employer with a decision for termination, request to be reduced to a lower number of work hours per week. The managers must cut labor hours across the board in every area. Some individuals have been safe to only collect 5 hours per week. Others have taken a leave of absence until business increases. Regardless, the desired affect is job retention. In a high school program, for example, losing a part-time job is devastating and often requires removal from the Coop program. Work hours generally increase after a few weeks. A Job at hand is better than immediate unemployment. No one enjoys a smaller paycheck. However, a small paycheck is better than no income at all. Odds are if you were a good employee, you will be one of the first individuals given more work hours in the future. Returning employees are preferred to new hires.

Most importantly - Individuals must learn to advocate for themselves. When confronted with a possible lack of employment, young employees should offer possibilities for retention. This must be done in a professional and courteous manner. The job did offer income and a good reference. Good terms must be kept with the management and staff.

Pick of the Month

This company recently came on my radar. Regionally, they are hiring. This is in preparation for the coming spring season.

Job Application Forms

A large number of new categories have been added recently. Visit a listing of Job Application Forms and scroll through the list of choices. The employers operate throughout the United States. Others are still being listed. Some are full-time positions. The career positions can be applicable to adults, students and nearly any one looking for a job.

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