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PTStudentJobs Newsletter, Issue #005 -- Employment Trends during February
February 10, 2013

Employment Trends during February

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February is a wonderful month for most part-time employees. Those making it through the hourly draw-down in January are seeing an increase in opportunities. Some employers are increasing weekly work hours to hourly associates. I strongly encourage young individuals to complete the year with a solid performance in his or her position. Finishing the school year with a solid reference at work is an important milestone. The Boss will soon recognize the value of each entry-level employee. The company has invested extensive time and money into the quality of each individual. Within my program, I push my students to finish the year strong at the job site. The end goal is to come out of the business with a solid reference or prepare to accept a position as an assistant manager. This may also include an increase in responsibilities in other possible skilled areas of the business. Regardless of the new career choices at hand, the student's opportunities in the company will soon change as we move closer to graduation. Finishing the school year in a positive position keeps the student in control of employment choices.

Within my area, I attend several career fairs and gather information for my students regarding possible employment options. Those which I frequent are often at the local colleges. During these visits, my information is simply forwarded to my students. They can not always leave school during the day. During the March newsletter, I'll share specific ideas which you can use in support of local career fairs.

Every student wants to think that there are financial options at the end of the year. The month of May is a wonderful time to continue this discussion. This may include continuing with the same position and company, petitioning for an increase in hours / hourly rate or seeking employment growth with another company. Withstanding the student's final decision, completing the year with a positive employment record is essential.

Pick of the Month

With the coming spring months, this company will soon be hiring. Individuals should go ahead at complete applications soon. This will put them ahead of others seeking this company.

Job Application Forms

A large number of new categories have been added recently. Visit a listing of Job Application Forms and scroll through the list of choices. The employers operate throughout the United States. Several other categories are being added. Some are full-time positions. The career positions can be applicable to adults, students and nearly any one looking for a job. I always believe that part-time jobs are the gateway to full-time jobs / career employment.

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