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newsletter, Issue #001 -- Employment Hints for a New School Yesr
August 19, 2012

Employment Ideas for a New School Year

My classroom rarely begins the school year with all of the coop students successfully employed. This aspect should be expected and not a surprise. Over summer, situations change and students are more successful with instructor support. Initially, about 35% of my students begin the year without job placement. Most teacher will drop students within the first week or two of school. I choose to keep each student and mentor each one in the search process. Mastering unemployment and all of the pitfalls involved is a challenge but also an adult activity. Adults certainly have a difficult time navigating through this type of experience. Within about two to three weeks, every student in my class achieves employment within the community.

As part of my strategy, contact is made with businesses and students during the summer. Instructors can survey the community by simply driving the main roads and identifying possible job opportunities. This is not a list of every store or restaurant in town. Instead, write down locations which are busy and attracting an exceptional level of customer traffic. Network and talk directly with the managers. This will generate first-hand information to benefit in-coming students. Afterwards, share and discuss your job leads in a timely fashion with students. I previously used a paper-listing which was posted in the hallway.

When locating employers in the area, as one store is hiring - many more in the same franchise will also remain open to new employees. Where one McDonalds is hiring - others are soon to follow. This can be described as a regional domino.

My pick of the month is -

I always believe in the student. Having others in support - parents, family members, teachers and community friends - makes the difference. Yes - beginning the school year with a sizeable number of unemployed students is stressful. This is the case for all parties - especially the students. There are grade consequences involves. The word believe has powerful implications to a person's psyche. I speak to my class with passion and conviction. Each person believes he or she can pull off the impossible. My confidence is transferred to them.

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