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newsletter, Issue #001 -- Employment Hints for a New School Yesr
September 30, 2012

Golden Age of Employment

I refer to October as the Golden Age of Employment because of the approaching holiday shopping season. Most students in my classes have some type of paid-job. However, opportunity will soon present itself for individuals still needing a job. This will remain an ideal time until the Thanksgiving weekend. By that point, most employers have completed the hiring process in preparation for the holidays. Between now and Thanksgiving, specific hiring periods will vary among employers. The range of locations seeking additional help is far reaching. Using an employment plan will help focus and organize your student. Students should make a list of ten interesting business and focus upon those specific locations. During a second week, students select a second set of ten locations and complete applications. Individuals are instructed to rotate between each ten jobs every other week - Group A and then back to Group B.

The trick to this process is to have the student personally visit the store or restaurant. When questioning students, many will drop off the application with the business or complete an on-line application. In doing so, students neglect to make follow-up visits to the manager. Finding and speaking directly to this person may take several visits. If the person had already left or was not available, instruct the student to go back and keep trying. Missing these visits of personal contact significantly drops the odds of finding that job. The employer has to make a connection with the potential employee. That is done so by the student making consistent appearances to the location. In doing so, several qualities can be demonstrated. A perspective employee can demonstrate professional appearance, consistency, passion and a desire of make an employment connection.

If your student completes an on-line application, he or she should find a reason to visit the employer. This can be done so with a resume. Tell your student to visit the business and ask for the manager. This is a perfect situation to hand out this document. In many ways, it is a Calling Card. A resume is a professional reminder of his or her intentions. Even if the company is not hiring, the person was a able to view the potential employees attire and professional attitude. Students should be polite and respectful of the manager's time. Encourage your students to visit location during a period / time of least traffic. Visiting a restaurant during the lunch hour is never a good idea.

When locating employers in the area, as one store is hiring - many more in the same franchise will also remain open to new employees. Where one McDonalds is hiring - others are soon to follow. This can be described as a regional domino.

My pick of the month is -

Look for additional resume samples on the website within the next week. Students in my classes will soon create their own resumes. Having samples to pick from can help with ideas and wording. Many resumes in common books do not apply to young job hunters.

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