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Newsletter, Issue #003 -- Holidays and Seasonal Employment
November 14, 2012

Golden Age of Employment

Moving fully into the holiday season, employers have added specific numbers of allocated employees. During September, managers / owners view sales forecasts and review predictions regarding December sales. The challenge is to successfully predict the demands of their unique business - food, services, retail, marketing and so on. October is a time of action and involvement within the hiring process. During this Golden Age of Employment, students and part-time job seekers can seize opportunities. During a recent conversation with a student, the young person shared the option for considering any number of seasonal jobs. His enthusiasm was coupled with the fact that the choices focused upon seasonal. Aggravated with the lack of full-time or permanent positions, he was leaning to not applying / considering these choices. Seasonal employment - even at this late stage of the year - should always be considered.

Several benefits may result. First, during this shopping period, a portion of the new hires may be retained by the business. This may or may not be 100% true. During the trial period, a permanent employee (or two) may be fired or released from service. This then opens available hours for seasonal employees for permanent consideration. Secondly, the manager can view each employee and observe his or her performance level. Ideally, a future superstar can be discovered during this trial period. Beneficial for both side - you have an opportunity to showcase your potential and the business can sample a fresh pool of talent. Individuals should consider what employers are wanting regarding the ideal employee . Lastly, the end of the year simply contains an abundance of jobs for young people. Utilize this time, gain work experience and build your resume. Discounting this category removes a vast list of job considerations. Reviewing the list of open positions, many businesses are only targeting seasonal staff. This allows for a reduction in staffing in January - as needed.

My pick of the month is -

View the newly created functional resumes and chronological resumes for ideas when writing comparable documents. Each has six samples based upon job title. View both versions of the same job title side-by-side - grocery cashier - for example. Individuals can use the strengths associated with each style to create a realistic resume based upon the student's background.

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