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Find part-time jobs for students with applications, resume help and interview assistance specifically for high school and college individuals. 

As a high school co-op teacher working with a variety of students, this phrase is repeated throughout the school year. The student and I begin a process to secure employment using resume writing strategies, interview preparation and most importantly - career planning. Every individual has the potential to succeed regarding employment. Using a step-by-step process, paid-employment is always possible. 

Every entry-level job can lead to full-time positions with possible benefits.  Your goal is to identify and achieve a preferred employment choice. With that in mind, the career links and job applications reflect opportunities for advanced employment.  All said, the resources on this site are available without registration or username.  Your frequent visits are appreciated.  

Employment provides meaningful opportunities to students related to  independence, the application of life-skills and financial maturity. The resume samples, interview strategies and job applications can be used within the immediate area of Texas - and other work locations across the United States. Many of the applications have a local, regional and national range of appeal. The job application forms used may be beneficial to high school / college students and other part-time to full-time employees. That's right - part-time jobs lead to full-time employment.  Your first job is simply the first of many steps.  The site's career exploration segments allow individuals to explore future career possibilities.  The career choices are endless.  A solid first job is simply the first step toward a successful career.  We begin here because of the basic principles to be mastered in order to complete a life-long journey of successful employment.  

The pathway traveled by each individual is different.  In some ways, many people start along the same line of education and skilled work.  Over time, we make different choices of employment based upon interests, location, pay-rate, preferences and aptitudes.  Regardless of your final destination, the goal is to find a full-time job with promise for long-term future growth / enjoyment.    

Consider yourself - What skills do you have?  What unique traits do you display?  There must be something that sets you apart from other applicants.  Employers visit with multiple applicants and hear many wonderful promises.  How convincing are you when conversing with adults about your potential.  Your skill sets and ability to sell yourself is important when finding that first job or transitioning to a new one.